Revealed: How To Make Animated Movies On The Computer For Free Using PowerPoint

Animation is the central technique in the 21st era. As visualization takes shape in the internet world, people are no longer interested in reading long scripts that are boring and dry. Instead, they are going for visualized content that is informative and entertaining at the same time.

Apart from making presentations and animated explainer videos and movies, you may want to develop animated videos for personal purpose. For instance, you attended an event and captured several admirable photos.

Unfortunately, you do not have the cash to seek animation experts, neither able to access online resources. But does it mean your goal to develop animated movie is dead?

The good news is you can use PowerPoint to create animated movies on your computer for free. Here is how to do it:

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a. Prepare the material you want to input in the animated video

When creating a movie or a video, the first step is always developing your story. Before you embark on creating your PowerPoint animated movie, you need to put down the ideas and materials you want to feature in the movie. For instance, if you are developing a video to share a story about your product, you need the product images and description. With this, materials you can proceed on to the next step.

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b. Open PowerPoint and create slides

Certainly, regardless of the operating system that you are using, it has a PowerPoint program for preparing presentations. All you need to do is click on programs and hit the icon for PowerPoint. Since you have the materials you want to use in the video development process, you can determine the number of slides to cover the story. Create slides and input each material at its suitable level. For example, you can start with an introduction containing your brand and an introductory phrase. Arrange your materials across the slides and ensure they are easier for your target audience to follow. Also, you need to set the background of the slide that is eye-catching to woo the audiences.

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c. Animate the content

Upon creating slides, setting the background and inputting the materials, it is time to animate them. Here, you go to the animation icon on your toolbar in the PowerPoint program.  At this point, you have to determine the entry and exit style of each material featured. Several entries and exit animation options are available such as shrinking, zoom, fly in and fly out. Set each material according to your preferred animation. Test the animations for each slide to ensure they match with your preference.

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d. Set the slide duration and add narration

Since you will not be available to play the slides; you need to make it autoplay through setting the transition duration. You can set it from as low as 1sec to any up limit duration. However, remember your video needs to be short and entertaining to attract. For this reason, make sure your slide transition has a reasonable timing. Importantly, a movie consists of pictures and narration.

PowerPoint offers you a chance to use an uploaded audio clip or record a live one as you prepare the presentation. It is essential, to ensure each slide is in line with narrator’s message to enhance consistency.

When you are through with this step, you need to save your presentation. You need to convert your presentation into a video using add-ins such as Office Mix or other software. Office Mix is available for free for Microsoft Office users.


As you can see, it is possible to develop animated movies using your computer for free. Nevertheless, PowerPoint animation is limited and cannot produce high quality animated videos. Regardless of this, if you have a fixed budget, it is a good way to prepare product explainer videos for your online marketing activities.